Gabriel Elkaim

Professor Elkaim is an assistant professor in the Computer Engineering department at the University of California, Santa Cruz. His research interests are applied control systems with a focus on autonomous and embedded systems. To pursue those intereste he founded the Autonomous Systems Lab at UC Santa Cruz. Work within the lab includes guidance, navigation and control (GNC), GPS research, sensor fusion, attitude estimation, system identification (SysID), and robust software design for real time reactive systems.

Professor Gabriel Elkaim

Ren Curry

Renwick E. Curry received degrees from Middlebury College and MIT. He has been a Guidance and Control Engineer at the Draper Laboratory (Apollo Project) . Associate Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics at MIT, and Research Scientist at NASA- Ames. He is co-founder and president of AASI, and Adjunct Professor of Computer Engineering at the University of California, Santa Cruz.Dr.

Curry has applied the theory of optimization and control to the design of real-world systems in flight path optimization and revenue management. He has participated in numerous government and professional panels and committees, and has published over 70 technical papers and reports.

His current research interests are in UAV navigation including path planning, path following, avoidance of obstacles and other aircraft, and multiple UAV control and navigation.

Professor Ren Curry





Graduate Students

Max Lichtenstein


Sharon Rabinovich

Sharon Rabinovich educational path started with Electronics Engineering studies, followed by a B.Sc. in Aerospace Engineering and M.Sc. in Autonomous Systems Aerospace (at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology). He served a mandatory service in the Israel Air Force gaining an extensive experience in operational systems. He was an instructor for avionics systems and trained technicians and operational users. Following his enthusiasm for the field of aviation and his interest in multi-disciplinary technology, he joined Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, and he has been an Aeronautics Engineer for several exciting projects.  During that time he also taught Electronics Engineering at a City College and supervised senior design projects. His academic and professional track reflects the diversity of his fields of interest, and currently, he is pursuing a Ph.D. Degree in Computer Engineering, specializing in multi-vehicle cooperative systems.



Pavlo Vlastos


Jordan Liss

Graduated as a Mechanical Engineer (with Environmental focus) in 2013 from UCSD's Jacob School of Engineering. Since graduating i've worked on a variety of different projects with non-profits to industry to government institutions.: Including NREL, California Center for Sustainable Energy, BMW of North America, Electricore, Ricardo, SDG&E and SANDAG. Currently working with the SunSat team at the NASA Ames Research Center on camera tracking sunphotometer systems. I'm in my 2nd year as a PhD student in Computer Engineering with a focus in sensor systems, autonomous vehicles and vehicle network communication.

Sargis Yonan


 Undergraduate Students

Kiran Kastury


Danny Eliahu

Danny Eliahu, M.S.


Vijay Muthukumaran

Ji-wung Choi

Dr. Ji-Wung "Karl" Choi PhD.

Dan Homerick

Dan Homerick, M.S.

David Illstrup

David Illstrup

Alana Muldoon

Alana Muldoon, M.S.

John Burr

John Burr 

Robert Casey

Robert Casey

Max Dunne

Max Dunne


Jeremy Gottlieb

Jeremy Gottlieb

Bryant Mairs

Bryant Mairs

Eric Poblenz

Eric Poblenz


Sam Toepke

Samuel Toepke